700 Series Getting Closer 11/19/2014

Greetings Sledders!
The snow is getting closer and so is our new 700 series combo!

Just to keep you updated we’ve attached a few photos of the first untextured black prototype (please keep in mind these are samples only). We are awaiting delivery of these prototypes to make sure these meet all our expectations and tolerances. As soon as the molds are approved, the final surface texture will be applied and they will be shipped to our plastic plant in Vancouver, WA. to start production. We should start seeing the first of them in our shipping facility about 5 days after production starts.

We will continue to keep you updated and will have additional photos of these on many different sleds. We appreciate your continued patience and are pushing as hard as we can to move this process along quickly knowing that you, like us, are anxious to get out and play soon!

Again, if you are already on our waiting list you will be contacted first so we can get those boxes out to you ASAP. If you are not and want to be please give us a call or send an email and we’ll add you in. We appreciate your patience with this and look forward to your continued business and enjoyment of our products!

Chris and Kathy and the Powder Keg Team

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