AC-700-B Low Profile Powder Keg fits 2010 & newer Arctic Cat snowmobiles with 137" or longer tracks


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The 700-B Storage Box may look small, but by use of straighter sides and a wider lid it has 1800 cubic inches (29.7 liters) of interior room. Four stainless steel draw latches hold it solidly to your sled. Simple lid latch makes for easy access in the coldest conditions. Keep your supplies dry and secure. Rigid Material: Aqua-Tuff plastic. Mount to the back of your sled by itself or together with a Fuel Keg (AC-700-F). Includes the mounting hardware and instructions. Our 13 can foam drink holder may be purchased separately.

Our Storage Boxes

All Powder Keg storage boxes are constructed of special lightweight plastic that remains pliable even at extremely low temperatures but is strong enough to retain its custom shape because of the quality workmanship used to manufacture these products! Our boxes keep your gear drier than any bag on the market today. Each box comes complete with all the stainless steel mounting hardware.

The Manufacturing Process

Powder keg storage boxes and fuel cells are manufactured using a rotational mold process. This process is much slower and more labor intensive than other molding processes, however, it results in our products having thicker plastic in the areas in which added strength is necessary. The result is a long lasting, quality product on which we are proud to offer a two-year warranty.

The Mounting Hardware

After working with the company who manufactures our draw latches, Powder Keg realized that there were six alterations to their latch that were necessary to ensure the latch would be stronger and more secure than any other similar latch. These alterations guaranteed us that we would be able to offer them to our Powder Keg customers with complete confidence that they would be exactly what was needed for our products.


Weight 9.25 lbs
Dimensions 27 × 18 × 9 in
Dry Weight

Overall Length

Overall Width

Overall Height

Storage Box Capacity

Minimum Sled Track Length

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