AC-700-F Low Profile Fuel Keg fits 2010 & newer Arctic Cat snowmobiles w/137″ or longer tracks


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The 700-F Fuel Keg has 14 baffles that give it incredible strength. Between uses the spout stores firmly into a recessed area in the tank itself. It’s low profile design keeps the bulk of the fuel weight forward and the rest is evenly distributed. Our four stainless steel draw latches will not allow our fuel keg to loosen and pound on your snowmobile like strap systems often do. May be mounted separately or in combination with our Storage Box (AC-700-B). Material: Cross link plastic. Includes a spill resistant pour spout, mounting hardware and instructions to mount on one snowmobile.

Our Fuel Storage Kegs

All Powder Keg fuel cans are constructed of a special fuel compliant plastic which remains pliable in extremely cold temperatures. Our fuel cells are manufactured to couple, when desired, with our storage boxes for a sleek, clean look. Each fuel cell comes complete with stainless steel mounting hardware and CARB-approved spout and travel cap.

The Manufacturing Process

Powder keg storage boxes and fuel cells are manufactured using a rotational mold process. This process is much slower and more labor intensive than other molding processes, however, it results in our products having thicker plastic in the areas in which added strength is necessary. The result is a long lasting, quality product on which we are proud to offer a two-year warranty.

The Mounting Hardware

After working with the company who manufactures our draw latches, Powder Keg realized that there were six alterations to their latch that were necessary to ensure the latch would be stronger and more secure than any other similar latch. These alterations guaranteed us that we would be able to offer them to our Powder Keg customers with complete confidence that they would be exactly what was needed for our products.

Additional information

Weight 9 lbs
Dimensions 22 × 18 × 9 in
Dry Weight

5 lbs. (2 kg)

Overall Length

25 1/2″ (699 mm)

Overall Width

15 9/16″ (395mm)

Overall Height

2.5 ” (6.35 cm)

Fuel Capacity

2.9 gallons (10.9777 liters)

Minimum Sled Track Length

137″ (3479 mm)


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